School Gardens

The School Gardens Project is an initiative of the Regional Environmental Council’s UGROW program, and is designed to bring the educational, nutritional, and social benefits of gardening to schools and youth education centers. It began in March 2010 and was sponsored by the Worcester Food & Active Living Policy Council’s Hunger-Free & Healthy project. During the project’s first year we partnered with 6 Worcester Public schools to create outdoor classrooms at each site. Since 2010, we have expanded the network to include 20 school garden sites.

Our vision is to cultivate well rounded learners who not only excel in math, science, and language arts, but can grow their own food. Our hope is that through providing students with a safe environment to plant, grow, and learn within the garden that they are able to build a relationship with the natural world, develop a sense of environmental stewardship, and foster a commitment to care for and better their community.


The School Garden Project provides the following services to school garden sites:

• Garden Based In-Class Activities/Workshops
• Volunteer/Intern support for garden maintenance
• Resource Guides & Gardening Advice
• Free City Compost Delivery
• Free Seedlings from our Annual Plant Sale
• An Official Garden Sign