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Get to Know Our Newest Junior Staff!

YouthGROW provides such an amazing opportunity for us to get to know some truly incredibly Worcester youth. They grow and learn so much throughout their years in the program, and the Junior Staff positions provide an opportunity for some youth to have an integral leadership role. They truly have an impact on the program and their peers. We are so excited to introduce our newest YouthGROW Junior Staff member, David Peal, to you!

My name is David S. Peal,

I am a senior at Holy Name High School. I started working with YouthGROW in the summer of 2015 as a Core Youth. Within my three-year span, I was able to move from a Core Youth to a Youth Leader by my second summer in the program. After the summer phase of the work was done and the application went out for Junior Staff, I grabbed that opportunity and applied right away.

I'm grateful to say I was hired and have been working in the REC office with my lovely co-workers ever since. I am looking forward to starting my third summer in the program as a Junior Staff! I've learned within my short time so far in the office as a Junior Staff, the importance of checking up on my former co-workers from the summer. I've learned that your time with the program is not truly over until you return and have a talk with the team on why you are leaving. I've learned that whenever there is a task given, you must manage your time and finish it. I've also experienced what it's like to attend meetings and conferences. Being a Junior Staff is not just about getting paid extra money, but rather having a voice in the hiring process, planning for the summer program, and learning to work as a team with everyone else. Also, in taking care of your responsibilities, it shows you are growing and maturing. I know there are many more things to learn and I'm looking forward to it with an open mind.



Please join us in wishing David the best in this exciting year!

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