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We are excited to welcome Ajayi Harris (Pictured on the left) to our REC team as our Development Director! Ajayi graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver in 1996 with a degree in Political Science. Ajayi was a big campus activist and was organizing for cleaner air, toxic waste removal, fighting hunger and homelessness, and voter registration for college students. He went on to direct door to door, street, and phone fundraising canvass offices for national and state advocacy programs. For the last 7 years, Ajayi has been working in development at WPI and Lesley University. Ajayi decided it was time to get back into environmental work and became interested in working with the REC. "I am really into REC's work. Everywhere I have worked, I have always chosen a group that is mission-driven. REC's mission around food policy and justice, bringing fresh food to local markets, helping people plant gardens in their own communities, and training young people is something I can really support. I want to excite our donors and supporters around that as well."

Ajayi is also excited to help organize this year's Spring Garden Festival & Plant Sale! (May 11th at Worcester Common, behind City Hall). "It such a community event and so many people have already placed orders for our seedlings. We are planting so many seeds right now, and I look forward to seeing everyone come pick them up. Plus all the events taking place that day for families. I am bringing our five year old. He loves to garden!"

Welcome, Ajayi!

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