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Welcome Our New AmeriCorps Communications VISTA

Meet Ashley Jeznach!

What's your educational background?

After graduating high school in Central MA and two years at UConn, I ultimately and happily graduated from Worcester State University with a bachelors degree in Communications, specializing in media production.

What's your professional background?

I started my career with food in my very first job at an ice cream shop. From there, I continued my career in food into the restaurant business; which eventually lead to me wanting to do something more fulfilling in the food industry. I had a semester-long internship at Cultivate the City, an urban agriculture organization in Washington D.C., where I fell in love with the issue of food justice. I returned to Massachusetts and worked as a restaurant manager for two years until I found and was accepted for this Americorps position. I hope to one day write food policy.

What sparked your interest in working with the REC? Food justice is of my highest interest. Anyone can go to the Bostons and the D.C.s of the world to fight this issue, but I want to make a difference in the community I grew up in; I want to give back to a place that has given so much to me.

What are your hobbies?

I live for live music and try my best to hula hoop and tend to my garden in my spare time.

If you were a vegetable, which one would you be? Brussels sprouts because it takes people a while to figure out you actually like them. What I mean by that is I'm shy at first and BOOM time has passed and I'm one of your favorite vegetables/people.

Welcome, Ashley! We're excited to have you on the REC team!

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