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Fresh Food & Fresh Starts

Meet Tirtha, one of the farmers who supplies fresh, local produce for our mobile markets! She arrived in America as a Nepali refugee, and is now proud to call herself a new American.

The Nuestro Huerto Urban Farm welcomed her with open arms, allowing Tirtha to become a contributing member to her new community.

In collaboration with the REC and Worcester Common Ground’s initiative, the EAT (Educational Agriculture Training) Center, Nuestro Huerto provides new American farmers like Tirtha with land, tools and technical support. Tirtha sells her crops to our mobile market, allowing us to sell culturally diverse produce to our customers and for her to earn some money.

She grows crops like marigolds, long beans, tuku gre, bitter gourd and more, items that are not easy to find in Worcester. Nuestro Huerto provides space for farmers like Tirtha to grow the crops that are meaningful to them and the community members who buy them.

Support from our community means more opportunities for people like Tirtha who not only deserve a fresh start but will reciprocate the generosity.

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