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Meet Steven Murphy!

For 5 years, Steven has volunteered with the REC, and recently accepted the position of Office Administrator.

He attended Framingham State University as an undergraduate student and received his Masters Degree in Community Development & Planning at Clark University. Steven has been involved with the REC Castle Street Community Garden, and jumped at the opportunity when a job in his field became available within the organization.

He believes that having a connection to where the food we eat comes from is important and unfortunately lost in our society. He explains that the REC "fills a sizable gap by not only helping make those people-to-food connections, but also providing a space for people to develop skills, build confidence in their own abilities, and foster connections between neighbors across various barriers."

When Steven is not keeping the REC office in order, he enjoys cycling, hiking and traveling!

Fun fact: if he could be any vegetable, he would be a potato because they're so versatile!

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