Meet Ted, our Mobile and Farmers Market intern!

If you have been to an REC Mobile or Farmers Market recently then you may have met Ted, a Mobile Market and Farmers Market intern with the REC. Ted started working with the REC this year when the Academic Health Collaborative of Worcester (AHCW) placed him with us for an internship. The AHCW seeks to improve public health by creating opportunities through collaboration of the Worcester Division of Public Health and local universities.

Ted has had more than a couple powerful moments during his time at the REC, but he says that what stands out most in his mind are the times when he informed market customers about the HIP program and they realize that they have an additional $20, $40, or $80 to spend on healthy food for their families each month. During his time with the REC, Ted has become more familiar with the Worcester community and the diversity of backgrounds of its residents.

When asked what he believes the impact and mission of the REC is, Ted said, “The REC reduces food insecurity for the residents of Worcester and makes access to healthy food easier, since markets exist all around the area and the amount of travel required to get healthy food is minimal”. He also thinks, “the REC has invigorated the local economy because it promotes buying and eating locally, therefore reducing emissions from transportation”.

When asked what community means to him, Ted said that it is “a place that you consider your home, where you spend your time, where you get to know people, and a place where you strive to create the safest and most balanced environment possible”. Ted says that he feels like he is making a positive impact on the community with his REC internship, and feels fulfilled knowing that he is helping families by promoting the HIP program, along with local farms by selling their produce.

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