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The REC awarded Farm to School USDA Grant!

We have been awarded a two year USDA Farm to School grant. This award will help us bring local foods into schools and foster economic opportunity for local farmers. We are excited to work with May Street School, North High School, Vernon Hill School, the Worcester Senior Center, Worcester State University, and the EcoTarium.

This grant supports increasing the sustainability of school gardens, heightening student exposure to farm activities, and building student/parent knowledge of local food resources.

Here are some quotes that highlight the partners that are working and supporting this effort:

Lisa Houlihan, Principal at North High, says "We are really excited to expand our community gardens and provide more opportunities for all students to get involved in this initiative.”

“The Farm to School Program is a win-win,” said Brandon Lipps at the USDA. “The grants announced will help build bright futures for our children by connecting them to where their food comes from, while also nourishing the local economy and supporting American agriculture.”

“The EcoTarium is thrilled to build on its strong relationships with both North High and the REC to connect youth to both the environment and to the important role locally sourced food plays in improving the health of our community and our world in this Farm to School program and partnership,” says Lucy Hale, President of the EcoTarium.

“The Worcester Senior Center is excited to join the partnership of the REC and Vernon Hill School to support the integration of the school garden into the culture of the school,” said Patty Hainsworth, at the Worcester Senior Center.

“Working with the REC has been an amazing experience for our students and staff,” said Sabrina Pechie, the garden coordinator at Vernon Hill School. “The REC is so helpful and supportive. They are always willing to help in anyway possible. Our school garden is flourishing!”

We look forward to working on this Farm to School grant with all of these partners over the next two years.

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